The Monochord
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Scale designer

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Scala import

Preset: Divide the ratio ( : ) into equal parts

Scale successfully imported!

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Sequencer -- Under construction!

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The Monochord

A microtonal sandbox project developed and maintained by Lajos Mészáros (m_lajos[at]hotmail[dot]com)

If you are new to this app, then you might want to check out the interactive tutorial by clicking on the "view tutorial" link in the bottom right hand corner


Scala - format of the de-facto microtonal tuning software, created by Manuel Op de Coul,

Switch language

Translation is work in progress

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Other tools

Redesigned version of Joe Monzo's interval list

Kattints ide, ha megnéznéd, honnan indult a projekt 2015-ben

Issues, bugs

If you have a feature request or if you come across an issue, then feel free to drop a message to the mentioned e-mail above.

It might take a bit of time to add your requested changes, but it will come eventually, so don't be shy with requests.

At the moment there is no bug tracker, but there is a trello page, where you can follow up with development

Supporting the project

If you find this tool useful, then feel free to share it on your favourite social media site with the buttons below.

Also, if you really love the app, then please consider making a small donation.

The money is needed to finance the hosting and other prices, plus to buy a cheap, old, used iPad for better testing, since most issues are reported from users, who use the app on Apple devices and don't own any.

MIDI settings

INPUT ports of attached MIDI devices

device name channels

OUTPUT ports of attached MIDI devices

device name channels
midi out demo


white mode - remaps the keyboard so it doesn't take note of black keys


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